Bloor is a company founded around one principle: “To enable organisations to choose the optimal technology solutions for their needs.” We’re passionate about this and it dictates how we work.

As such we will work with you as IT vendors and IT users to help you improve your business performance. We can help ensure that users understand how their needs will be met by IT and that vendors understand what users need from their solutions. Our business is about:

  • helping organisations to understand the business drivers and choose appropriate technologies for their needs
  • saving time and money through independently identifying product and buyer requirements that will assist vendors in accessing the right IT users, and users in finding the right solutions—using clear, succinct and thorough comparison and analysis.

We achieve this using a combination of knowledge, people and access…

Knowledge — about business issues and how technology can be applied to solve those issues, and about individual products providing technology solutions and the IT vendors offering them. We make this knowledge available in a variety of forms from our research reports, web articles, participation in events and so on.

PeopleBloor’s analysts collectively hold hundreds of man-years of experience and provide advice, guidance and expertise to both users and vendors on a wide variety of business and technology issues.

Access — by feeding back user needs and market trends through our analysts’ customer engagements, Bloor is able to positively influence both vendors’ and users’ behaviour and help vendors develop more appropriate products and solutions. Through speaking engagements and other events we can help users make contact with appropriate potential vendors and provide peer networking for vendors to promote their capabilities.

What makes Bloor different?

Bloor is more than just a research company. Since it was founded in 1989, Bloor has maintained a consistently high standard, acknowledged by international press and other industry analysts and commentators as being some of the most authoritative work on computing and business issues. We don’t simply observe and report; we are impartial and independent, but active, participants providing expert opinion in driving the use of IT in business and society.

Bloor analysts combine their deep knowledge of technology with current trends and drivers in business to assess appropriate technologies and their suitability for businesses now and in the future. They also combine this knowledge and the information gained from interviews with customers and vendors to provide cross-the-industry views for our framework. Whether pushing for better standards in accessibility, removing the hype from Service Oriented Architectures or understanding the impact of the internet on commerce, Bloor has contributed opinions which have moved our clients’ understanding forward.

We also work to standards. The Bloor approach to analysis is based around the Bullseye™ open research framework from the Bullseye Foundation to ensure rigorous, accurate and consistent analysis and clear and meaningful visualisation of market segments and solutions.

Bloor is also innovating the way it provides advice and guidance by providing analyst solutions to add new and easier ways for our clients to optimise their IT investments.