Welcome to Bloor

Bloor was founded in 1989 around one principle: “To enable organisations to choose the optimal technology solutions for their success”, we provide actionable strategic insight through our innovative independent technology research, advisory and consulting services. We assist companies throughout their transformation journeys to stay relevant, bringing fresh thinking to complex business situations and turning challenges into new opportunities for real growth and profitability.

In the age of Mutable business, Evolution is Essential to your success. Bloor brings fresh technological thinking to help you navigate complex business situations, converting challenges into new opportunities for real growth, profitability, and impact. We’ll show you the future and help you deliver it.

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Advisory Service

We provide experienced trusted advisors to help senior executives navigate how technology can drive Growth and ROI in their business.

Consulting Service

Our consultants leverage our research, and their extensive experience, to ensure your IT investments are fully optimised.

Vendor Service

Our research and analysts can help you better understand your market, communicating how you can deliver success and value to your customers.

Healthcare Service

We help NHS Trusts meet clinical outcome and cost reduction targets by assessing, transforming and assuring the maturity of key processes.