BPMG and Bloor Alliance

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Bloor Research is pleased to announce an alliance with the Business Process Management Group (BPMG), one of the world’s leading bodies for BPM and change management, to tap into the synergy that exists between them. BPMG’s focus on helping end-user organizations bridge the process skills gap and making them more process-driven will be complemented by Bloor’s emphasis on technology, infrastructure and vendor products. BPMG chief analyst and CTO Terry Schurter will now also be part of the Bloor team and will coordinate the two organisations’ approaches to Process technology.

By combining these strengths Bloor and BPMG expect to achieve improved vendor to end-user relationships, add thought and support leadership, and reach a more diverse audience. End-users and vendors alike will gain access to more information with a greater depth of understanding. For example, soon to be published will be an overview of process technologies, a user guide for building an effective process organisation and infrastructure, and detailed technology reviews of the BPM, business intelligence (BI) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) markets.

The not-for-profit BPMG organisation, led by Steve Towers and Mark McGregor brings together some 15,000 senior managers, BPM gurus and practitioners worldwide. It is centred around the bpmg.org web-site which consistently receives 80,000+ unique visitors and 1.5m hits per month. Most members come from $1bn plus turnover companies. By using BPM techniques companies can automate and reduce the time to complete tasks, reduce errors and administrative burdens, and increase their ability to handle constant change. Applying BPM is among the most effective ways of squeezing costs out of a company’s operations.