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Bloor has been undergoing a quiet revolution. We’ve looked hard at what we’ve been offering and listened long to your comments. As a result we have a number of structural changes and additions which we’re going to be making this year in our coverage and our approach. We’re broadening our offerings into new areas and taking on new research Directors to head up our research teams to provide you with information from an industry and business purpose slant as well as cross industry views of technology

Terry Schurter as part of an agreement with BPMG (see detailed article) Terry Schurter will work with Bloor to provide his world leading analysis of Business Process Management and the Process industry.
Carol Wheatcroft has joined Bloor to lead the research team into Financial Services [see bio]
Carl Potter leads research into communications and Telco’s [see bio]
Philip Howard leads research in Data and Knowledge [see bio]
Tony Lock Management, Continuity and Security [see bio]
Robin Bloor our Founder continues to lead Bloor in looking at Disruptive Trends [see bio]

Rest assured Robin Bloor, Philip Howard and Tony Lock remain in their roles looking into respectively; Disruptive Trends, Data and Knowledge and Management and Security.

You may have seen that we’ve appointed a new management team for Bloor as a business; Justin Speake as CEO and David Cruse as COO, they’ll be driving initiatives providing better customer services, closer customer contacts and a series of new products and services which we’ll be announcing through the newsletter and this news section.