MAFocus – new vertical industry intelligence service

Market Access Focus – MAFocus – has been designed by Bloor to provide key vertical industry understanding to IT and services vendors about what is driving their technology needs and purchases. Bloor’s MAFocus delivers a concise, well-articulated overview of what is driving an industry, identifying the important issues and the buyer imperatives these create. Links are also provided to further relevant information to facilitate more detailed industry analysis. Bloor’s team of industry-specialist analysts and researchers will constantly monitor developments, applying that knowledge as updates as well as identifying new opportunities affecting technology investment. Further verification and intelligence will come from analyst reviews with end-users, asking them about their priorities, concerns, budgeted spending and plans. From this core vertical research data, vendors can: identify and develop new or more appropriate products and services, better focus marketing campaigns, give the sales force and channels the industry information they need to sell with credibility in vertical markets.

The range of 24 vertical industry ‘domains’ includes: general finance, retail banking, manufacturing, automotive, retail (high street and supermarkets), media, passenger transport, business and professional services, telecoms, healthcare, plus the ‘horizontal’ domain: chief information officer (CIO) imperatives. Areas of the business include:

  • day to day operations involved in running the business (e.g. HR, finance, compliance, technology, business services)
  • supply-side management (manufacturing, warehousing, logistics/distribution, supply-chain management)
  • business ‘offering’ (who we are/what we do, branding, product marketing, R&D)
  • customer interaction (sales and revenue generation, customer service, channels to market, business development)
  • adapting to external influences – the macro-economic environment within which the business operates (regulation, market dynamics, globalisation)

Research results are delivered in an easy to understand format (HTML, XML, printed), so subscribers to MAFocus can, for instance: distribute it directly within the company intranet, import it to a database for delivery through existing sales and marketing tools, just make it available as a PDF. Regular updates can be exported to the chosen medium at the touch of a button. To take advantage of MAFocus, Bloor’s vertical industry intelligence service, is straightforward. There is a monthly fee per industry domain with a 12 months minimum term, and significant discounts are available dependent on the number of selected verticals and term of agreement. Call us now to see how it can help your entire organization, from R&D through Product Management to Sales and Marketing.