Marketing Automation

“Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half” so said department store innovator and
marketing pioneer John Wanamaker nearly a century ago.  Now in the 21st Century business
application vendors are turning their attention to the Marketing Department and
attempting to provide automation and metrics to the $600Billion that Global
2000 companies will spend.

Marketing Automation isn’t new, CRM systems have provided basic campaign management for some time in
addition to customer database management.
Newer and more specialised systems attempt to provide more detailed campaign
process management and measurement.

For the IT manager this may mean another prime line of business application being installed and the report
shows what systems are available and which vendors are providing them.  The report can help you advise your
marketing department of what the choices are.

For the marketer the report shows what areas of marketing are covered, from target selection, through campaign
definition, media selection and response measurement.  With marketing budget forever under scrutiny and always the first
to get cut this report may show you how you can justify your most effective
methods and maximise your cost and return per lead.