MASupport – Process

Designing and building the right solutions is only half the job.  Finding the right end-users to turn into satisfied customers can be just as
difficult.  With the huge choice of technology offerings  it’s equally difficult for end-users to find the vendors who can really help them.  In keeping with Bloor’s mission to help end users make the most of IT we are introducing a new offering in our MarketAccess Support range:  MASupport – Process.

Getting business process offerings to market is difficult, whether it’s intra or extra enterprise processes supported by ERP / SCM systems or designing entirely new processes for existing customers.  The market is full of confused and often contradictory messages; it’s not enough to just find end-users with an interest, what’s needed is to find end-users who are informed, educated and know enough to see the value of the offerings vendors can supply.  To do this the market needs
to be educated with unbiased, clear knowledge about all the choices available to them to enable them to make better decisions.

MASupport – Process is a combined set of services specifically created for Business Process vendors to educate and inform end-users about their value.  Built in conjunction with BPMG (the Business Process Management Group) MASupport – Process combines the depth, reach and independence of both our organisations.

MASupport – Process puts vendors of Business Process products in front of interested and pre-informed business end-users.  This targeted service gives a high level of visibility and can include publications, web presence, technology reviews, expert speakers, education for end-users and advertising opportunities as well as specifically tailored packages for individual vendors.

If you’d like to find and influence the people who have a real need for your products and services then download the PDF brochure and call us for more information.