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is pleased to announce the re-launch of Bloor Events. These high
value technology events will provide both overview and details on a
wide range of today’s most important technology issues.

in September the first three scheduled events will cover Security and
Identity, Data Warehousing, and Knowledge Management – and will give
attendees the latest news and views on current activities and likely
future developments.

make sure the events reflect the latest information they are based
around an ongoing piece of Bloor research and the results of the
interim stages of the report are delivered during the event by the
Bloor analyst working on the report. This represents significant
value delivery because this information will not be available

this, these Bloor events are completely free for the attendees! The
only requirement is that attendees take part in a survey related to
the event’s topic.

to a maximum of 100 attendees the events will include interaction and
give attendees an opportunity to pose questions to the presenters
making sure that specific topics or questions of interest to the
attendees will be covered.

will be a tremendous opportunity to find out what’s going on, get
specific questions answered and to interact with fellow professionals
interested in the same topics.

at the events is on a ‘first come first served’ basis; however,
they are being announced first through the Bloor newsletter to ensure
that recipients and regular website readers are given priority

sure you read Bloor’s newsletters or visit the website regularly,
in order to see the announcements and register.