Bloor says hello to Sageza as Tony Lock bids fond farewell

Here is some good news
tinged with sadness. Long-time Bloor specialist and latterly chief
analyst Tony Lock has left the company to become a research director
at the US-based Sageza Group where he will be focusing on the
advisory and consultancy aspects of Sageza’s analysis work.

While we are sad to
lose Tony, his leaving is on the best of terms – and the move has
prompted Bloor and The Sageza Group to form a close alliance,
primarily covering management and infrastructure. This means, among
other things, that he can continue to work with Bloor in these areas
in which he specialises.

“We are naturally
very sorry to lose Tony who has served the company well for many
years,” said Bloor chief executive Justin Speake. “The good news
is that the alliance allows us to continue to work with him, with the
added advantage of being able to draw on the skills and experience of
other Sageza analysts.”

The alliance means the
two companies can utilise each other’s complementary skills and
resources, initially in joint events and publications; over half a
dozen publications are currently scheduled for 2006 – the first
being infrastructure lifecycle management (ILM) during July.

“We are delighted to
welcome Tony to Sageza Group’s multinational team of analysts and
business consultants,” said Clay Ryder, President of The Sageza
Group, Inc. “At the same time we look forward to working with Bloor
Research in developing complementary research and consulting that
leverages the strengths of both organizations.”

The Sageza Group’s
analysts will work jointly with Bloor on some future events and will
join Bloor analysts and other independent industry experts with
continued contributions to the IT-Analysis on-line publication.