New MA Process service will add value for BPMG IT members

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The recently-formed Bloor Research and Business Process Management Group (BPMG) partnership has driven the launch of a new service from Bloor: ‘MarketAccess (MA) Support – Process.’ This is designed to more effectively support the IT members of BPMG’s community. One way this will be achieved is to focus on selecting the most appropriate technologies to transform their businesses, making them become process-excellence led. Through MASupport – Process, Bloor can engage more effectively with both vendors and end-users, with Bloor also providing a clear proposition for vendors. As a by-product,
vendors will gain greater visibility by exposure in:,,,, the BPMG user conference and Bloor Process events.

MASupport – Process will add value for vendors by providing:

  • direct buyer visibility and influence
  • material to support the sales and marketing process
  • information and collateral to speed product, marketing and sales decision-making leading to vendors supplying more appropriate sets of services and

They can in turn assist Bloor to educate and support end-users in transforming their businesses, through acquiring the technology to achieve their BPM aspirations.

MASupport – Process sits within Bloor’s MarketAccess Support solutions family. In effect it is an enhanced version of the existing BPMG Solutions Provider services whose members include Tibco, Software AG, and Metastorm.