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describes the way an organisation functions. Company operations are
becoming ever more complex and increasing demands are placed on the
computer-based applications that drive the business. The time when
applications could remain ‘stand-alone’ has long passed. Now it
is critical for the various functions to interact with one another
seamlessly in processing transactions, with breakdowns and
bottlenecks eliminated. They must also implement in practice the
organisation’s strategic goals and objectives – and technology
plays a major role in fulfilling both these requirements. The various
‘process technologies’ – the underpinning software and hardware
– are advancing rapidly, but the variety on offer is bewildering.

key early outcome of the Business Process Management Group (BPMG) and
Bloor alliance announced
in February
is a series of informative process reports, authored
by Bloor’s Research Director for Process and BPMG chief analyst
Terry Schurter. In the first of these, ‘Process Technology — the
foundation of doing business’, Terry explains that process
technology is now the very foundation of doing business. As well as
an overview of process, there is information on what process
technologies are available and a description of the process
architecture into which the technologies must fit. This architecture
is a must in order to achieve an organisation’s short- and
long-term aspirations. A version specifically aimed at the chief
information officer (CIO) is also available.

is of course needed to get the right business process architecture
and infrastructure in place. The ‘BPM ROI Guide’ is dedicated
entirely to reviewing the return on investment (ROI) approaches that
can be applied specifically to BPM to, for instance, justify the cost
of the needed infrastructure or ascertain which of the existing
processes offer real business value. Positive cash flow is one often
overlooked ROI factor that the Guide identifies as particularly
influenced by good BPM to help sustain a business. A further report,
the ‘Executive Guide on Service Oriented Architecture,’ addresses
this important new infrastructure technology (SOA) and its market; a
company cannot realistically implement its business strategy without
this underpinning process architecture. Let Terry Schurter inform you
of what it means to the organisation.