New Bloor means business

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The all-new Bloor website
and rebranding is the clearest indication that Bloor has continued to invest in
business developments in 2006, adding significant value and making us even more
customer-centric. We’ve been busy building on our range and breadth of services
and innovative solutions, enhancing our team with new people and new partnerships
– all aimed at helping your organisation succeed.

The Bloor web-site provides details of the new
products and services now available. Here is a quick snapshot of some of these:

  • The highly acclaimed Bloor Events have been boosted through our partnership with
    Chill Out for management of the Events – see our Events schedule to book your
    place at any of our upcoming events.
  • Among our new solutions is BloorAnswers, Bloor’s umbrella name covering
    a range of new online research and knowledge transfer solutions, including:

    • MAFocus – software that provides primary vertical industry research,
      describing the sectors’ key drivers, issues and trends and updated by our
      industry-focused analysts,
    • 118Software’s search engine on competitive technology and suppliers – an
      on-line “Yellow Pages” for accessing technology and channel partner
    • DecisionSupport – which provides competitive product analysis and a
      low-cost, budget-sensitive service for accessing our publications library,
      allowing you flexibility in what you spend your budget on.
  • By joining forces with other leading independent analysis firms, Bloor
    now offers the entire breadth of services normally only available from the
    largest analyst firms – yet retains the specialisation and domain excellence of
    Bloor and our partner companies.
  • Bloor’s À la Carte service to gain you more value from your research
    and analysis budget; instead of selecting specific Bloor products, you can
    allocate your available budget with total flexibility as to how you will use it
    and with whom you will spend it
  •, spun off by Bloor last year, is set to become among the
    most important independent information sources globally for IT decision makers,
    with contributions from industry experts from a range of analyst companies
    including Bloor.

our new website to find out more about the new products and services now
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