Convergence Dialogue Surveys launch

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After more than a decade in gestation, Convergence is now exerting a fast-growing influence on the way companies of all sizes conduct their business.

Much of the technology underpinning Convergence is mature. Yet through the pervasive use of the IP protocol in communications, media, entertainment and IT, the potential for seamless access to anything, anytime, via any device is now becoming a reality.

It is not, though, simply a matter of technology. Convergence has the potential to impact every industry, company and end-user on a global scale. Every business is seeking faster and more accurate ways of enriching their brand-customer relationship while customers expect greater influence over the products and services they consume.

The Bloor 2006 Communications Convergence Dialogue Survey bridges this vital gap, delivering the deeper understanding that will help the Survey sponsors drive a targeted response to emergent customer demand.

The first of its type in the world

This survey is the first of its kind. In line with Bloor’s commitment to continuously add to knowledge quality and provide thought-leadership, the Bloor 2006 Communications Convergence Dialogue Survey will:

  • assimilate opinion and strategic advice using hard evidence from five separate industry surveys of senior UK and European decision-makers
  • combine two major innovations in the field of market analysis and intelligence gathering, namely
    • new bespoke, interactive Web 2.0 Dialogue Survey technology that does not rely on the conventional linear phases of a questionnaire but instead allows participants to follow the paths that best fit their needs – with their response changing the rules of engagement
    • the Bloor 2006 Survey, which is the foundation for assessing sponsors’ demand creation readiness – with almost limitless possibilities springing from the knowledge and insight gained.

Each of the online Dialogue Surveys will be conducted in co-operation with industry partners – such as the Business Process Management Group (BPMG) – and their memberships’ key industry decision-makers. CIO-level executives will share their views on the business impact of Convergence with particular focus on each of the following five crucial areas:

  1. Executive user lifestyle requirements
  2. Mobile security in perspective
  3. Business agility through SOA and converged communications infrastructure
  4. Convergence readiness – focusing on the Network
  5. Convergence readiness – focusing on the Appliances

The value of a Communications Convergence Dialogue Survey

Almost limitless possibilities should emerge from this unique Survey, providing an essential guide for companies wishing to turn competitor threat into competitive advantage while multiplying their economic value to customers.

As a Sponsor you will achieve far greater clarity in understanding the shape and scale of the Convergence effect, the new opportunities it provides, and how best to implement them. You will also gain:

  • Brand visibility and positioning during the survey process through exclusive co-branding rights to the on-line Dialogue Survey Report and Analysis
  • A pre-survey briefing that enables you to a) influence the data being gathered and b) provide the context for bespoke analysis of the results based on your current situation
  • Full access to the research obtained
  • Reprint rights to the final Bloor Convergence Report
  • A demand creation assessment outlining emergent revenue opportunities and how you can best address them
  • A day with the NVX and Bloor Analysts delivering and discussing the findings in context to your company.

With enhanced insight and understanding of Convergence, you will have the foundation for building a more agile, demand-literate and competitive organisation. A dedicated Dialogue Survey team will then provide the know-how and a methodology to help you uncover how to:

  • create the most potent sales, services and value propositions
  • structure the most effective routes to market
  • develop compelling, long-term customer advocacy
  • exploit shifts in emergent demand
  • build new, high value, customer segments
  • enhance real-time customer interactions

If you would like to sponsor the Convergence Dialogue Survey or would like further information on how the Bloor-NVX Dialogue Surveys can help your organisation, contact Bloor Research.