Bloor releases new Spotlight papers identifying emerging opportunities

Bloor has begun issuing a new type of white paper designed specifically to provide intelligence on emerging hot business issues, risks and opportunities.

Bloor ‘Spotlight’ papers will be introduced by our analysts as they pick up this intelligence from users and vendors within their specialist market areas.

Spotlights are designed to educate, articulating an identified business issue and why it matters, and how IT can be applied to it to open up new opportunities. They provide an overview of actions to be taken as well as business risks resulting from no action being taken. The information in them is expressed clearly and concisely to make for a straight-forward and understandable read-through.

Before final release the analysts’ insights will also be verified against market-leading companies’ experiences, from which refinements can be made as necessary.

Bloor Research’s CEO Justin Speake commented: “Spotlight white papers follow Bloor’s history and pedigree in intelligent forward-looking analysis. Everyone needs to be aware of and understand business risks and issues and how IT can be applied to mitigate them.”

The first three Spotlight papers have completed that process, so are now available for download. These are: Software as a Service (SaaS) authored by Martin Banks, Inside Threat from Bloor’s IT security Practice Leader Nigel Stanley, and Knowledge Convergence from Roger Whitehead. More will follow soon, so look out for Spotlight papers on topics of particular interest to your company.

SaaS explores the business and IT management value propositions to consider, when your business is planning a move towards implementing and exploiting SaaS.

Inside Threat is concerned with how to tackle a new aspect of internal security. While most security effort is directed at keeping the bad people out, many breaches are carried out by people within the organisation – yet increasingly this is because criminal gangs are targeting these employees.

Knowledge Convergence considers the ever-increasing variety of data types, the problems with business intelligence (BI) systems in trying to access and extract knowledge from them, and extrapolates needed changes approaches to meet users’ demands.

If you are interested in discussing these issues and opportunities with our analysts please contact us.