Bloor Research & PMP forge strategic alliance

Leading analyst company Bloor Research and PMP (a subsidiary of the NCC) have forged a strategic alliance to create new IT Evaluation Centres.

PMP’s Evaluation Centres are designed to help buyers more effectively choose the best IT products for their needs and IT vendors reach suitable interested buyers.

Bloor analysts’ knowledge and skills in specific IT and market sectors will provide PMP with a new, expert resource for both development of new Evaluation Centres in markets not previously covered and further strategic insight on existing markets and IT providers.

“Our vision is to help buyers and vendors optimise their investment in IT,” said Bloor Research CEO Justin Speake. “This alliance allows us to significantly improve our ability to make this vision a reality. We can do this by leveraging the substantial product and services investments we have already made and the exceptional knowledge and experience of our analyst team.”

Speake added that, through the use of the Evaluation Centres, Bloor can assist IT vendors in better understanding their market needs and trends, which they could then exploit to improve the fit and functionality of their products and services to the buyers’ needs.

“The Evaluation Centre is now a proven business model and provides real ROI for buyer and IT Vendors,” said Steve Markwell, Managing Director of PMP. “The alliance with Bloor Research gives us a depth of expertise that we do not currently have that will benefit existing and future customers, as we jointly launch further centres.”

PMP developed its Evaluation Centres as a web-based service. It provides best practice information for users seeking to buy products and services, providing in-depth independently audited reports on vendors to increase the ability of buyers to rapidly and confidently evaluate them and their IT products and services. In turn, this has provided vendors with new business opportunities.

The NCC’s overall objective is to bring together genuine demand with effective supply. PMP’s Evaluation Centres have already proved remarkably successful, with thousands of buyers being able to make better purchasing decisions and hundreds of IT vendors reaching new customers seeking to gain value from their solutions. At present there are 11 different Evaluation Centres.

If would like more information on the current or planned new Evaluation Centres click here.