Bloor welcomes Martin Banks

Bloor Research is pleased to announce that Martin Banks has recently joined our team as a senior analyst. He brings a wealth of knowledge as an observer of the IT industry with a particular focus on the business impact of new infrastructure technologies.

Martin has been commentating on electronics and IT for nearly 40 years and is renowned as one of the UK’s leading specialist IT writers and industry observers. He has written for all the leading publications covering the industry, from trade papers such as Electronics Weekly and Computer Weekly to national dailies such as The Times and FT.

He was the first winner of the Times/ Hewlett-Packard Technology Columnist of the Year Award, an award he went on to win a second time.

Since joining Bloor, Martin has already published papers on blade servers and software as a service (SaaS), while continuing to contribute regularly to publications such as IT Week. He nowadays specialises in topics such as SOA, SaaS and enterprise infrastructure management – and their business impact.

“I am delighted that Martin has agreed to join the Bloor team, as he has been one of the leading opinion writers and personalities in the IT industry for many years,” said Justin Speake, CEO of Bloor Research.

If you would like to download a copy of one of Martin’s new papers on Blade Servers click here or Software as a Service click here.