David Norfolk joins Bloor to add in-depth development expertise

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Bloor bids a warm welcome to David Norfolk who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our analyst team, where he is a senior analyst focusing on automated systems development.

David has an honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Sussex and his development knowledge dates back to the 1970s when he was taught Fortran while studying. Chemistry at Australian National University. Since then he has gained a wealth of experience ranging from database administration (DBA) and network management to systems development methods and standards, internal control and technology risk.

Since 1992, David has been a professional writer and analyst, with a string of articles, white papers and reports to his name. Closely related to his new focus area, he authored the Elan Publishing report on the Business Implications of Adopting Object Technology and was a past editor of Application Development Advisor.

Automated systems development covers technological approaches including: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) – as well as automated data analysis tools, metadata repositories, requirements modelling tools and so on – and their underlying processes.

David will also address the people issues around implementing these technologies including the internal politics that often gets in the way of good practice and implementation. He is particularly interested in organisational maturity as a prerequisite for implementing effective (measured) process and in ITIL v3 as a framework for automated service delivery. He believes that so called ‘Agile Processes’ are as important as more traditional high-ceremony approaches. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) and eXtreme Programming are examples of Agile Processes.

Speaking of his appointment, Bloor CEO Justin Speake said: “We are very fortunate that David has decided to make the move to become a full time analyst with Bloor. I am excited by the work he has started with Martin Banks on the creation and delivery of services to the business under ITIL and CMMI.”

Currently executive editor of GEE’s ‘IT Policies and Procedures’, David is also a Chartered IT Professional and full Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) where he is currently on the committee of the Configuration Management Specialist Group.