Bloor welcomes Ian Richmond as Managing Partner for End User Services

Bloor is pleased to welcome aboard Ian Richmond as our new Managing Partner for End User Services. Ian comes with over 35 years in IT which is oriented towards consulting, procurement, computer services management and hardware and systems development.

In his recent past Ian worked for Gartner, first as Director for Consulting working around the world for multinationals in many sectors – including finance, petrochemicals, airlines, and government. During this period he created strategies for the application of IT, quantification of business benefit, and design of communications and computer system architectures. After becoming a vice president he managed the Market and Business Strategy Practice then the Emerging Markets Practice covering Central and Eastern Europe, South Africa and Middle East. He was the “Mr Fix-it” for team issues, client problems and problem projects.

Ian will be responsible for developing the Bloor Advisory Service. This is a continuous service answering for end-user organisations the questions: