Survey shows Bloor

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In any international survey on analyst firms’ influence we can be fairly certain that the dominant US analyst houses such as Gartner and Forrester will come out top; it is something for UK-based analyst houses to feature at all. So a small item from a recent Oracle survey on end users in finance is encouraging – especially to us at Bloor.

The survey, related to business performance management (BPM)*, reported the results of the following question under the heading ‘BI and EPM decision-makers in emerging business’: Which industry analysts had the most influence on purchase decisions?

The analyst companies’ results were shown in bar-chart form with the bars split between ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ (to give total) influence. A covering comment was that responses from emerging businesses and large enterprises were very similar.

Gartner and Forrester were indeed top for ‘high’ influence (followed by other US houses AMR and IDC); out of eight companies displayed, only two UK analyst firms featured in this response – Bloor and Ovum – with Bloor scoring considerably better than Ovum.

While the total influence for these two was similar, Bloor’s high and medium influence figures were more than double those of Ovum’s. Bloor also did well versus the US companies; Bloor’s high and medium influence figures taken together matched the high figure for third-placed AMR and comfortably exceeded that for IDC.

This is another positive indicator of the IT industry’s high and growing regard for Bloor analysts, in this case in BPM and business intelligence, said Bloor CEO Justin Speake. Our analysts are very experienced, not to say grey haired, so thoroughly understand their sectors; this repeatedly shows through in their work.

[*Business Finance Hyperion Mid-Enterprise BPM Survey.]