New report on data integration platforms identifies actual usage and cost-effectiveness

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Led by Philip Howard, Bloor has carried out research in order to discover what types of tasks are being fulfilled by data integration platforms and on what scale – and the extent to which this varies by product and vendor. A number of leading vendor offerings have been included.

The aim was also to gain an idea of the real costs involved in using different products – the initial (hardware and license acquisition fees) and ongoing (training, technical expertise, maintenance) costs – to discover the most cost-effective solutions over a realistic time period.

An analysis of the data collected also arrived at an estimation of overall cost-effectiveness based on the total cost per project. For instance, whereas one product might cost twice that of another, if it is used for four times the number of projects that makes it twice as effective. Readers may be surprised at the results.

‘Costs and Uses of Data Integration Platforms’ by Philip Howard is available for free download from our research site (subject to terms).