Bloor Welcomes New Analysts

Bloor is very pleased to welcome Natalie Newman as an associate analyst, Paul Bevan as a practice leader, Owen Ashby as a research director and last, but not least, Kevin Borley as an associate analyst.

Natalie Newman

Natalie Newman – Senior Analyst – Focus Area: Geographic Information

Natalie has been involved in GI all her working life, from South Africa’s Surveys and Mapping (Trig-Survey) in Cape Town to BT Global Services in the UK.

From the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s, she implemented GIS in local authorities with an organisational structure to support both the operations and the data. Local Authorities in SA manage utilities so this included electricity, water & sewer network and roads management.

As a GIS Consultant and Project Manager, serving mostly Government customers, Natalie was one of a 3-man team who initiated geographic information collaboration between three Government departments just after the 1994 democratic election in South Africa. This collaboration is now in place between Surveys & Mapping, Statistics South Africa and the Independent Electoral Commission.

Natalie served in the South African National Defence Force as a Staff Officer (Lt Col) in the Directorate of GeoSpatial Information (DGI) collecting information for all arms of the forces and formulating policy with respect to resources, standards and priorities.

In the UK, Natalie was the Global Co-ordinator at Hutchison3G for Locations Based Products and then joined BT Global Services. She established the BT GIS Focus Group and worked on various projects mostly in Local Government. Since leaving BT, she has worked as a Spatial Consultant for Netezza.

Paul Bevan

Paul Bevan – Practice Leader – Focus Area: Services

Paul has had a 34-year career in industry and started in logistics with a variety of operational management roles. For the last 26 years he has worked in sales and marketing in the IT industry, covering everything from mainframes to personal computers, development tools to specific industry applications, and, predominantly, over the last 10 years, covering IT services and outsourcing. He is also a non-executive director in an NHS Primary Care Trust.

Paul is particularly interested in the impact of IT Consumerisation, Virtualisation and the emerging, if somewhat over-hyped, world of cloud computing on both business users and IT vendors. His mix of business and IT experience, allied to a passionate belief in customer focus and “grown-up” marketing, has given him a particular capability in understanding and articulating the business benefits of technology. This enables him to advise businesses on the impact and benefits of particular technologies and services, and to help IT vendors position and promote their offerings more effectively.

Owen Ashby

Owen Ashby – Research Director – Focus Area: Marketing Solutions

Owen has spent over 20 years in Sales and Marketing with 17 of those in the IT and Technology sector.

His career started with BT and its early forays into SME Telephone Account Management; a time when fax machines were considered cutting edge and mobile (then portable) phones were the size and cost of a small bungalow.

7 years at Unisys saw progression through the ranks of sales and marketing and through Unisys’ journey from Mainframe giant to Intel and MS innovator with its then revolutionary Es7000 technology. More recently Owen was a founding Director of Think Smart, an innovative and thought leading strategic sales and marketing consultancy. It developed robust and industrialised (repeatable and scalable) processes to reduce the cost, risk and time of either entering new markets or up and cross selling into an existing base.

Today, Owen likes to be at the cutting edge of thinking around sales and marketing and is fascinated by the “blank sheet” that the post-recession era presents along with the incumbent questions and challenges it poses for those that operate today in the IT and technology space.

For Bloor, Owen specialises in Marketing solutions. His work is focused on differentiation in maturing marketplaces and assisting organisations with models for gaining and retaining strategic competitive advantage.

Kevin Borley

Kevin Borley – Associate Analyst – Focus Area: CIO

Kevin Borley is a career CIO and joint founder of “The CIO Partnership”.

For the past 30 years Kevin has been in the forefront of corporate IT management and has had responsibility for both strategy and service delivery in senior IT Director and CIO roles. He has also managed delivery across a wide and diverse range of businesses in Europe, the USA and Asia-Pac. He has extensive Board experience and has also held membership of a number of senior CIO advisory panels and best practice forums.

Kevin’s has built a successful management career with blue chip multinationals, such as EMI, Thorn, The London International Group,and worldwide withGranada Group Plc, Bertelsmann Buch AG (Book Club Associates), Syntegra (the IT services and consultancy division of the BT Group). Recent SME / mid cap experience has been gained supporting Business Exchange plc, MWB Group plc., The Shaw Trust and Employment Opportunities.

His management experience includes mentoring executive and operational managers, management of business change programmes, IT planning, support for M&A and divestment activity, re-vitalising underperforming IT organisations, outsourcing and in-sourcing programmes,  management of service providers and management of off-shore software development programmes.

Raised in London and having travelled and worked extensively abroad, Kevin currently lives in Wiltshire.