Bloor welcomes Limor Schafman

Bloor is very pleased to welcome Limor Schafman. as Practice Leader, Innovation.

Limor lives in the Great Convergence of digital and real worlds, myriad technologies and industries, bringing these often silo-ized worlds together to create more robust, rich, engaging experiences. As practice leader for Innovation, Limor focuses on researching, reporting about and working with companies that have innovative, interactive technologies and tools in digital media, mobile, wireless, games and Web 3.0-4.0+. Her career shifted from being an international corporate attorney working in Paris, France, to being a marketing strategist in 1994. She entered the sector of digital media and entertainment technology in Los Angeles, working on two full motion video games. Following this, Limor became director of marketing for a theme park design/build company. As a Bloor analyst, she will search out companies that are pushing the envelope on that next new thing – the innovation in thought, technology, process, business model, etc. which can transform the way we live and work.

With an eye always to what’s new, Limor is founder and chief instigator of the Games Gateway Serious Games Meetup, Co-founder of DCGames (outdoor games festival), Co-founder and past president of the IPv6 Forum for Israel and past president of the World Future Society D.C. Chapter. She is also a serial online tech talk show host, webinar moderator, conference moderator and speaker. You can also find her on FB, T, LI and G+.