Extending Identity Management to the Cloud

Today’s world is increasingly collaborative and always-on. Cloud-based software applications and services, highly interactive web applications and socially oriented networking websites are available around the clock and can be accessed from any web browser—increasingly from mobile devices as opposed to fixed computers. To provide a secure and efficient way to allow users to access those resources and the sensitive data that they house, identity and access management capabilities need to be extended beyond the traditional focus on applications deployed on the network to encompass those external resources as well.

These needs have resulted in identity and access management (IAM) vendors focusing their efforts on brokering access to externally provided applications and services—some of these vendors are specialists; some are extending existing in-house controls; others are security vendors branching out into this area. Bloor Research has recently undertaken research in this area, looking at the key requirements of such identity management services and examining the vendor landscape. Different vendors are at different stages of development of such services, and some have particular specialisations. This research aims to position the main vendors currently active in this market and to provide information as to what their specialisations are.