Bloor and Winmark aim to shake-up research community with new partnership for CIOs and IT leaders

Bloor and the Winmark CIO Network have joined forces to create an executive advisory programme for CIOs and IT leaders. This partnership combines the best of Bloor’s acclaimed industry research and expertise with Winmark’s world-class membership, offering members a valuable alternative to other research facilities such as CIO Connect, Gartner and Forrester.

Under the new CIO advisory programme, Bloor and Winmark CIO Network members will aim to address the challenges facing CIOs in keeping abreast with the ever-changing technology landscape. Increasingly, the digitalisation of work combined with the freedom of information, has resulted in a global tectonic shift to the way we manage technology.

The new programme will comprise of four key elements, providing members with a platform to develop true peer-to-peer relationships by introducing the best of current thinking, combined with leading industry insight. Members will be equipped with the skillset and knowledge to address critical, real-world challenges impacting on CIOs everyday.

The four key elements will include network meetings and round table events designed to share industry knowledge and experience, peer-to-peer consultancy and decision support, master-class and bespoke development, as well as access to the Ashridge Business Portal. Finally, best-in-practice and benchmarking research will be provided, all of which will be supported by Bloor’s acclaimed industry experts.

Richard Rose, Bloor’s President commented: “The changing pace of business technology has accelerated enormously in recent years and, as a result, this has put pressure on CIOs to be at the forefront of any new developments. The challenge, therefore, is how to stay ahead and where to focus your own time and your limited resources. For members, having access to independent information, analysis and advice enables them to make business decisions relating to technology from a position of knowledge and confidence.”

Rose continued: “Through our new partnership with Winmark, members now have access to a richer pool of like-minded people all looking to work together to address the challenges facing the modern-day CIO. In doing so, we expect the return for our members to be their ability to drive their business forward faster and with more confidence.”

John Jeffcock, CEO of Winmark, echoed these thoughts: “The opportunity to partner with Bloor was, effectively, an easy decision as we recognised immediately the value-add for both businesses. For us, the strength of our network lies in the quality of our members. By integrating with Bloor we only saw positives and a way to provide our members with an even greater understanding of the developing IT landscape.”

The benefits of the partnership are already coming to fruition after Winmark and Bloor staged their first joint roundtable event. The focus of this centered on the commercial negotiation process for firms at a crossroads as to whether to keep IT capabilities in-house or outsource.

Speaking at the event, Owen Williams, Partner and Group Head of IT at Knight Frank commented on the new partnership: “Bloor’s partnership with Winmark provides a unique opportunity to engage with experienced industry experts giving us first hand insights into critical industry and business issues. As members of the executive advisory programme, we now have access to a wealth of expert knowledge that allows us to develop and enhance our IT strategies. Judging from what we’ve seen already the resources available are considerable and impressive. We are looking forward to the opportunities this now presents.”


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About Bloor

Bloor Research is one of Europe’s leading IT research, analysis and consultancy organisations, and in 2014 celebrates its 25th anniversary. We explain how to bring greater Agility to corporate IT systems through the effective governance, management and leverage of Information. We have built a reputation for ‘telling the right story’ with independent, intelligent, well-articulated communications content and publications on all aspects of the ICT industry. We believe the objective of telling the right story is to:

  • Describe the technology in context to its business value and the other systems and processes it interacts with.
  • Understand how new and innovative technologies fit in with existing ICT investments.
  • Look at the whole market and explain all the solutions available and how they can be more effectively evaluated.
  • Filter ‘noise’ and make it easier to find the additional information or news that supports both investment and implementation.
  • Ensure all our content is available through the most appropriate channel.

Founded in 1989, we have spent 25 years distributing research and analysis to IT user and vendor organisations throughout the world via online subscriptions, tailored research services, events and consultancy projects. We are committed to turning our knowledge into business value for you.

About Winmark

Established in 1997 and now Europe’s leading professional network business with over 3,500 members from 700 organisations, including half the FTSE 100. Winmark’s purpose is to Develop, enable and equip CxOs and Boards for today and the future. Winmark represents World Class best practice for network creation and management, and is proud to work with the best network team and have the best operational practices and systems. In addition to these networks we also offer World Class bespoke and network specific research and training programmes.

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