Be advised… the Bloor/Winmark axis

Getting objective advice, for a CIO, can be difficult. It is not that advice per se is in short supply, far from it, but nearly all of it tends to come with the sound of axes being ground close by.

So the new partnership between Bloor Research and Winmark has been established specifically with the aim of providing CIOs and other business executives with an axis of sound, objective information and advice, without the sound of grinding axes.

In short, this partnership combines the best of Bloor’s acclaimed industry research and expertise with Winmark’s world-class membership services. The combination offer members a valuable alternative to other research facilities such as CIO Connect, Gartner and Forrester.

Under the new CIO advisory programme, Bloor and Winmark CIO network members will aim to address the challenges facing CIOs in keeping abreast with the ever-changing technology landscape. Increasingly the digitalisation of work, combined with the freedom of information, has resulted in a global tectonic shift in the way we manage technology.

The new programme will comprise five key elements, providing members with a platform to develop true peer-to-peer relationships by introducing the best of current thinking, combined with leading industry insight. Members will be equipped with the skillset and knowledge to address critical, real-world challenges impacting on CIOs every-day.

  • Network meetings and round table events
  • Peer-to-peer consultancy and decision support
  • Master-class and bespoke development
  • Access to the Ashridge Business Portal
  • Access to Bloor business and Technology Intelligence research data

In addition, the best-in-practice and benchmarking research provided in this programme will all be supported by Bloor’s acclaimed industry experts.

To learn more about the advisory programme, please contact us.

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