A new partnership between Bloor and the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)

Helping businesses migrate to The Cloud – without waste and without surprises

Cloud Industry ForumBloor  and CIF are collaborating on CIF’s recently-launched Individual Membership Programme. This will provide industry professionals with Cloud computing resources and an industry-recognised, vendor-independent, accreditation programme. Bloor had significant input to the framework underlying this and also to a set of e-learning modules that will support accreditation, in the context of  CIF’s 21 step Cloud Adoption Roadmap.

CIF‘s cloud adoption framework, jointly developed in partnership with Bloor (announced 19th October 2015), is a step-by-step roadmap that minimises the risk associated with Cloud adoption, if followed intelligently. It targets companies of all types wishing to move to a Cloud infrastructure, regardless of whether private, public or hybrid Cloud is appropriate to a particular use case.

Bloor itself will offer customisable classroom-based master-classes based on the CIF framework. These will be available either on a public basis, for individuals wishing to develop their Cloud competencies; or on a tailored basis for companies wishing to train personnel in the context of the company’s specific requirements/needs for a Cloud infrastructure.

The e-learning programme offered as part of CIF’s Individual Membership Programme is also based on the CIF framework. This will allow individuals to educate themselves at their own speed; leading to step-by-step self-certification and, ultimately, CIF accreditation.

What this really all means, is that businesses can start to take control of their journey to Cloud rather than just let it happen to them through increasing adoption of “shadow IT” (such as the adoption of Dropbox and other “free“ Cloud services).

In a related initiative, Bloor will help Cloud technology vendors to produce “service guides” (based on Bloor website vendor pages),  which will be available on the CIF website. CIF members will be able to access this library of service guides, as a membership benefit.

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