Bloor acquires Cassini Reviews, and Paul Bevan becomes Director for Infrastructure

Bloor recently acquired data centre analyst firm, Cassini Reviews, which focused on the impact of business model and technology changes on data centre operators and built up deep knowledge and insights about co-location, hosting and
IaaS vendors and technologies across Europe. As part of the acquisition Paul Bevan one of the co-founders has now
become Research Director for the Infrastructure Layer within our Mutable Enterprise model.

Paul has had a 40-year career in industry that started in logistics with a variety of operational management roles. For the last 33 years he has worked in the IT industry, mostly in sales and marketing, covering everything from mainframes to personal computers, development tools to specific industry applications, IT services and outsourcing. In the last few years, as evidenced
by his setting up of Cassini Reviews, he has been a keen commentator and analyst of the data centre and cloud world. He is also a non-executive director in an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

Paul has a deep knowledge and understanding about the IT services market and is particularly interested in the impact of Cloud, Software Defined infrastructure, OpenStack, the Open Compute Project and new data centre models on both business users and IT vendors. His mix of business and IT experience, allied to a passionate belief in customer focus and “grown-up” marketing, has given him a particular capability in understanding and articulating the business benefits of technology. This enables him to advise businesses on the impact and benefits of specific technologies and services, and to help IT vendors position and promote their offerings more effectively.

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