Extending Identity Management to the Cloud

Today's world is increasingly collaborative and always-on. Cloud-based software applications and services, highly interactive web applications and socially oriented networking websites are available around the clock and can be accessed from any web browser—increasingly from mobile devices as opposed to fixed computers.

See Peter Abrahams – Breaking Bounds

Peter Abrahams, who writes for Bloor Research about Accessibility, is also a sculptor. He and his friends are exhibiting their latest pieces at the The Crypt Gallery and would be delighted if you would visit the exhibition.

Data Virtualisation for Agile Data Provisioning

In this paper we discuss how agile data access, integration and delivery can be provided through the use of data virtualisation technology, regardless of the type of data to be accessed or where it is stored or located ...

Mapping and Modelling Still Crucial

The fact is that while Business Process Management, Big Data, and Enterprise Content Management grab the headlines, mapping and Modelling is still the first crucial step in delivering the enterprise improvements that the headliners proclaim ...