Our Cloud Adoption Masterclasses provide practical help with cloud-enabled business change. They promote a vendor-independent roadmap that helps accelerate and de-risk the cloud adoption journey; and which provides assurance, both to the board and senior team, that the cloud migration is based on sound principles and is keeping on-course.

These facilities are all based on the essential programme for organisations looking to leverage cloud, the CIF/Bloor 21 step cloud adoption framework, which is a first outcome of the collaboration between the Cloud Industry Forum and Bloor.

This framework offers:

  • Industry ‘good practices’ for adoption based on expert opinion and real-world case studies
  • A vendor-independent, structured, framework for adoption
  • Processes to de-risk and accelerate your projects
  • Board/Senior Team Assurance, especially in the context of Security and Privacy.

Further Information

If you would like to attend our public Masterclasses, or would like a customised workshop shaped to your individual needs, please get in contact:

Email: masterclasses@bloor.eu
Telephone: +44(0)20 7043 9750