A Part-Time CIO Offers the capability of a full-time CIO as and when needed but without the cost.

Designed specifically to support businesses that cannot justify a full time board level IT executive on the team; our Part-Time CIO service meets the needs of an organisation either growing or shrinking fast that cause changes in terms of market volume, product intricacy, technology and process. This may be when transaction volumes are growing, as are the number of clients and interfaces to the outside world or when costs have to be cut by reducing all or some of the numbers of products, staff and suppliers.

Each Part-Time CIO will have experience in a related industry spanning B2B, B2C and SME markets gained over a period of at least twenty years.

This service is by design; wide ranging in the areas covered and can be provided on an ad-hoc retained or assignment basis for any duration.  We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

What could be the role of a Part-Time CIO?

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of Business Continuity Planning
  • Where Technology is having an adverse impact
  • Supporting rapidly growing organisations
  • Survival options for IT dependant business under pressure

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