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Azfar Haider

Azfar specialises in the infrastructure layer and its context in relation to other parts of the automated enterprise. Specifically this focuses on virtualisation, cloud and software defined infrastructure. He has a particular interest in how cloud is often now seen as the more secure and reliable option and where this leads in the future.

Azfar’s interests in cloud computing and web services dates back to 1998 when he co-founded one of the first Enterprise cloud solutions, the so called Application Service Providers of the dot-com era, providing Microsoft Office and Exchange as a service and helping Microsoft define its long term strategy.

Prior to his start-up experience, Azfar worked extensively for Accenture in London delivering large scale systems development projects for Mercedes Benz, Barclays Bank and the London Stock Exchange. He then worked for Deutsche Bank in Germany where he became a change management and business process re-engineering expert for the investment and private banks, and subsequently global head of private banking IT requirements and product management.

More recently, Azfar led solutions consulting for leading infrastructure outsourcing firm Electronic Data Systems and led growth for software engineering and technology firms including Lightbend, the provider of the open source Scala programming language and Reactive middleware technology. Having worked extensively abroad in Germany and the US, and with experience across sectors, Azfar is now actively engaged with innovation centres in the UK and the start-up community coaching companies on growth, in addition to his work for Bloor Research.

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