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Protecting cash is a priority

The Deloitte 2012 Q3 CFO Survey reports that CFOs continue to move to more defensive balance sheet strategies. It goes on to report that improving cash-flow is a top priority and that increasing capital expenditure is less popular than a year ago.

CFOs seem positive about the outlook for cash balances, probably reflecting the view that a widespread focus on cash-flow and a squeeze on spending will yield results next year.

How can we help?

Our Financial and Procurement services enable mid-capitalisation businesses to achieve buying power for IT and other technology only normally available to the largest organizations.

Bloor has teamed up with Vitrx, who have many years of industry experience and privileged supplier relationships. This allows businesses to acquire and deploy ‘best fit’ technologies for the best price thus enabling effective bottom line management.

This relationship will create a unique solution capable of providing complete practical and effective solutions to many of the challenges currently faced by IT Directors and CIOs.

Bloor has also teamed up with leading technology leasing companies such as CSI Leasing to reduce the cost, risks and hassles of using technology equipment.

What does this mean?

Quite simply it means that the Bloor has the unique capability to not only provide you with very high calibre technology and business expertise but also to protect your cash by making available truly innovative and best value operating finance options.

These can help you fund the technologies AND the accompanying services that your business needs to compete effectively for your future success.

To discover exactly how our Financial and Procurement Service can make a difference call Bloor today or use our online contact form.

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