GDPR should be seen as an Opportunity,
not a Cost

GDPR has become a hot, even overhyped topic. The clock is ticking (it really is, see above). You will have been bombarded by all sorts of mailers, with all sorts of “silver bullet” solutions to help you get set for when GDPR comes into force on the 25th May 2018. You will have been threatened with the potential fines – 4% of turnover or 20 million Euro, whichever is the greater.

However, the Bloor team thinks differently. We’re here to turn getting prepared for an opportunity to add value for your company, and not just a cost to be born. We will explain the real issues and responsibilities, which are vital and need to be understood. But you need to understand that:

  • There are no silver bullets
  • There are no one size fits all solutions
  • You can’t ignore it because of BREXIT
  • You can use GDPR as trigger to implement good practice around managing personal data and security (at a time when dealing with Cyber Security has never been more important, and more top of the C-Suite’s mind)
A decorative image depicting GDPR
A decorative image depicting GDPR with a man standing on a map of Europe

Our GDPR approach

We offer three levels of services:

  1. A half day workshop to explain the issues and requirements of the regulation so that you can build your own plan for tackling GDPR.
  2. A GDPR Diagnostic where the Bloor team would come into audit your company’s systems, security policies and procedures, and data policies and procedures. We would work with you to create a roadmap of activities that need to be carried out to achieve compliance, but carry out a review of your approach to security and data management, with recommendations on the good practice you should put in place.
  3. A modular series of consulting activities to help you bring your policies, procedures and systems up to the level required.

It is important for you to understand that you can’t subcontract the responsibility of dealing with GDPR. You need to identify the right person in your organisation to take on that role, and we can help you identify the best person for the job.

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