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Technology Adoption and Process Improvement that addresses the NHS transformation challenge

Leaders of NHS Trusts must meet sometimes conflicting objectives. On the one hand, there is intense pressure to cut operational costs. On the other hand, they are expected to cope with increased demand, improve patient outcomes and work closely with other health and social care organisations to drive real transformational change.

Information technology (IT) will be important in helping the NHS transform. However, technology adoption by itself is not the answer. A failure to update and improve processes to take advantage of new IT systems is one of the reasons why the promise of new technology has not always been realised.

As a result, many healthcare organisations are looking to vendors and partners who can combine a keen understanding of the IT landscape and the most applicable applications with the capability and experience to deliver underlying process improvement and change management.

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A photo of a man holding an ipadAssess, Transform, Assure

Bloor Healthcare Services are designed to assess current technology adoption and identify the best IT solutions, transform underlying processes and drive effective implementation that provides assurance about the delivery of on-going, recurrent savings. Specifically, our Healthcare Services

  • Deliver significant recurrent savings in existing processes
  • Improve performance against Referral-to-Treatment targets
  • Ensure maximisation of Commissioning for Quality & Innovation (CQUIN) payments
  • Identify Organisational and Workforce Development needs
  • Provide scarce Project and Change Management resources
  • Evaluate competing IT solutions
  • Provide on-going Audit and Board Assurance around key change projects

Our experience, highly skilled resources, deep domain expertise, proven methodology, sophisticated maturity models and competitive, flexible cost structure makes Bloor the perfect partner for leaders in the Healthcare sector looking to implement transformative change.

The Bloor Difference

Bloor differentiates itself in the Healthcare Services Market

  • by utilising self-assessment tools, tried and tested over many years, that identify process and technology effectiveness, based upon the Trust’s own input rather than the assessment of consultants
  • by bringing together a team of technology industry analysts with deep experience and knowledge of implementing technology
  • with project managers and directors capable of delivering complex transformation projects and specialists with direct experience of the NHS at a senior level.
  • By using our strong analyst background to provide unbiased product evaluation.
  • And building effective partnerships with chosen technology vendors

Importantly, the expert you meet before you select our services is the person who will actually deliver them, managing other specialists as needed.

To find out more please call us on +44 (0)207 043 9750 or email us at healthcare@bloor.eu