A photo depicting a person interfacing with technology (Decorative)Bringing the Local Digital Roadmap (LDR) to life

NHS England has made it clear that ‘digital’ has a significant role to play in sustainability and transformation, including for example delivering primary care at scale, securing seven-day services, enabling new care models and transforming care in line with key clinical priorities.

Local Digital Roadmaps were published locally in January 2017. These describe how local health and care systems will use information and technology and make sure patient records are digital and interoperable by 2020.

Bloor have developed a range of services designed to help Trusts start and maintain that journey towards digital transformation and achieve the goals set out in the LDR.

Digital Transformation Diagnostic

Trusts will already have performed an initial self-assessment of their digital maturity as part of the development of the LDR. The Bloor service is a 3-stage process that externally audits a Trust’s state of readiness for digital transformation and makes recommendations for implementations that drive quick-wins and transformation at pace

Digital Transformation Healthcheck

The Digital Transformation Healthcheck is a “mini-diagnostic” process, where the client team does some of the analysis work, using structured worksheets, and then we will help take the Trust through the output and implications in a ½ day workshop. It is ideal for project teams starting out in defining Digital Transformation opportunities and needs, who already have done some pre-work in the area but want an initial end-to-end view.

Digital Transformation Workshop

The workshop is a 1-day process. We go through the Healthcheck diagnostic with the client team, plus a workshop session going into more detail about the products, systems, technologies and case studies. It is ideal for management teams and project teams starting out in defining Digital Transformation opportunities and needs for their enterprise, but who have only just started out and also need some core education.

Digital Transformation Diagnostic

The Diagnostic is a fast-cycle audit process. It is an intensive 2-day workshop with a group of key Trust staff. It takes a more detailed look at the End to End business flows – data, work, orders, value build-up. We apply our knowledge of the existing tools and best practice in a structured approach, but at a level of detail that reflects the inputs achievable in this fast-cycle approach. The aim is to validate and, where necessary, update the “roadmap” – but the focus is on where the most impact is likely to be and what tools are likely to be most appropriate. The Diagnostic output is a structured report.

Technology Evaluation Services

Application Selection

  • Provide “build vs buy” options for the Trust to consider.
  • Selection review – criteria, readiness and solution “fit”, identification of gaps and risks, mitigation
  • Define criteria to establish Cost of Purchase/Implementation/Ownership to ensure true costs are given by suppliers
  • Prepare Project structure and business readiness for selection and implementation
  • Management, control and governance structures for selection and implementation

Infrastructure Review

  • Provide options to consider for the technical Information Technology (IT) architecture of the of the Trust
  • Validate the Trust’s chosen technical architecture and confirm the reason why the Trust has chosen to use that architecture it has selected as opposed to the alternatives
  • Where applicable, advise on the contractual and risk elements of a cloud-based approach, across a number of cloud providers.

Cloud Adoption Roadmap

  • a comprehensive 21-Step directory of best practice services developed in conjunction with the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).
  • ensures expertise and education for each stage in the cloud transformation program.
  • structured to enable the most relevant services to be selected as needed.
  • Each step is delivered through our advisory services, accompanied by CIF e-Learning courses and access to an extensive resource library of cloud-related topics.

Transformation Management

Bloor provides practitioner based professional services. All our Project and Transformation Managers have years of practical experience. Importantly, the expert you meet before you select our services is the person who will actually deliver them, managing other specialists as needed.

We can provide:

  • High calibre Project and Transformation Managers, typically with a minimum of 20 years specialist industry experience.
  • Top grade technologists with specialist skills in key areas such as IT and data governance, networking or security.
  • Short or long term assignments, part or full time, providing the expertise when and how required.
  • Skills transfer, coaching, and development of your senior IT team.
  • Ongoing assurance for both Auditors and the Board that transformation projects are delivering the outcomes originally envisaged

By bringing together our unique blend of management experience, industry knowledge, and technology expertise, we maximise the outcomes for your Trust. We are passionate about driving improved outcomes and value through innovation and sharing IT best practices through our core principles:


We believe in clear speaking using business language, not jargon.

Strategic Vision

We make it our responsibility to understand you and your organisation to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges, not just for the short-term, but to embrace your longer-term needs.


We look at technology to help your people do their jobs better and easier.


We are committed to your success. Superior customer service our hallmark.

Skills transfer

Working with Bloor, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry. Unlike other service providers, we aim to transfer our skills and knowledge to your team rather than continually strive to sell you more consultancy.

To find out more please call us on +44 (0)207 043 9750 or email us at healthcare@bloor.eu