Bloor provides a full range of Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft licensing analysis services to meet the challenge of controlling and optimising on-going software costs, mitigating compliance risks, whilst providing comprehensive governance.

The services we offer fall under three main scenarios below:

Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft licensing analysis services from Bloor

Threat of audit: Vendor Audit Response
Bloor can provide expertise to help you alleviate the many challenges and risks that a vendor audit creates. We help you to understand your licensing position and assist with resource intensive request. We can ensure that licenses are optimised and data is validated before submission to the vendor. These steps can significantly reduce the impact and potential cost of an audit. Our experience of negotiating with the likes of Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft ensures the best outcome for you. Our experience of negotiating with the likes of Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft ensures the best outcome for you. See our Vendor Audit Response Services page for more details.

Right-Sizing My Existing Software Investment: Licensing Assessment
Bloor offers licensing analysis services to provide organisations with an assessment of their current vendor licensing contracts and licensing position. We identify where license efficiencies and savings can be made and how compliance issues can be overcome. Bloor’s data centre expertise helps clients to understand their complex product usage and how it relates to their software contracts. The engagement is delivered in easily digestible management reports, providing clear information for stakeholders to make critical business decisions.

Right-Sizing My New IT Investment: Vendor Strategy Assessment
Bloor has the expertise to assess the suitability of software licensing and contracts to meet IT strategy and projects requirements. We provide an effective way for clients to model and understand if a proposed business or technical project will create budget or compliance issues. A big factor in this engagement is identifying what opportunities there are for clients to deliver license efficiencies and save money.

Managed Services
We offer a simple and effective managed service solution to ensure you regain and maintain control of your Oracle, IBM, SAP or Microsoft licensing estate. This will help you to understand your application usage and ensure licensing is efficiently managed moving forwards. We can also offer contract negotiation support as part of the service. This will enable you to

  • Understand your ongoing licensing position
  • Understand your application usage
  • Understand your vendor licensing contract
  • Receive pro-active guidance to help reduce costs and liabilities
  • Have access to licensing expertise
  • Enable you to Plan and receive support for audits
  • Have help with compliance management, and
  • Understand what software is deployment

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