Bloor’s Mentoring Service will provide you with independent support and guidance, delivered via a series of one-to-one mentoring meetings with an experienced CIO.

We provide several ways of assisting motivated individuals along this path.

Skills and competency audit
Understanding what the organisation or individual needs to achieve their future goals is a crucial first step. We can undertake a formal assessment of existing talent; this assessment will consider not just the required technical skills but also the need for relevant business and management competencies to ensure the rounded development of key staff.

Mentoring existing IT team
Often employees that grow with a smaller organisation start with specific but limited experience and learn the rest ‘on the job’ as the organisation evolves and they gain additional responsibilities. We can assist in professionalising these capabilities by looking at day-to-day issues with either individuals or teams. In doing so, we can work together and explore how to deal with their challenges and use this opportunity to transfer skills, ideas and experience.

Business leadership and executive staff
Help CEOs and other top team leaders understand how to manage technology effectively and understand more thoroughly the nature of an investment, the risks and how best to manage them.  To do this successfully we would learn about your business and market place and what you are trying to achieve, just as if we were a permanent part of your team.

The Mentoring Service is a confidential and discreet service.  This is a results orientated service, with specific deliverables agreed with you in advance of any assignment commencing.

To discover exactly how our Mentoring Service can make a difference call Bloor today or use our online contact form.