Threat of Audit /Vendor Audit Response

A service for organisations that want to plan or need to respond to an Oracle, IBM, SAP or Microsoft licensing audit.

Vendor audits are expensive, disruptive and on the increase. Gartner estimates that 50% of organisations have been audited by at least one vendor in the previous year and for many businesses, this has resulted in significant costs, operational disruption and in some instances, reputational damage.

When a vendor demands an audit an organisation has a legal obligation to comply, but how the engagement is managed can make a significant difference to the outcome and the expense.

Bloor provides a fast effective independent service to help plan and prepare for a vendor audit. We provide the necessary support to make them as routine, non-disruptive and inexpensive as possible – the Vendor Audit Response.

What Does an Audit Response Deliver?
The Vendor Audit Response provides a complete programme to help organisations plan, prepare and respond to audit requests from specific vendors and ensures that the optimum outcome can be achieved with minimal internal resource and risk.

By utilising our extensive vendor experience, a best practice management approach can be implemented to reduce the overall impact of an audit and ensure the overall cost and liability is minimised.

How Do We Do It?
Our consultants gather information and data from a variety of sources including key stakeholders, the deployed software estate and vendor contracts.

The information is analysed in detail to understand the exact vendor licensing position, with any liability and compliance risk highlighted, allowing an appropriate audit response programme to be created.

The programme is built with the necessary audit activity requirements in mind, providing a plan that can be executed easily and efficiently to ensure that the organisation is ready to respond in the event of an audit request.


Software vendor audit response service from Bloor

To support an organisation under threat or going through an audit, we provide vendor and process expertise to assist in sourcing, managing and presenting information to the auditor, and support during ongoing negotiations.

Engagement Deliverables

  • Pro-active Assessment and Planning
    • SAM capabilities and capacity
    • SAM policy and process
    • Licensing entitlement, inventory and contracts
    • Licensing position
    • Liability and risk assessment
    • Audit preparation recommendations
  • Audit Planning
    • Audit plan and first actions
    • Entitlement collection
    • Inventory collection
    • Licensing application
    • Supporting SAM policy and process evidence
  • Audit Support
    • First action support
    • Information and data collection
    • Liability and risk management
    • Outcome negotiation

For many organisations this is delivered as a pro-active planning engagement with an annual review to ensure information and processes are current for on-going audit requirements.

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