Urban Living Photo Competition – Closed

You are invited to take part in our photo competition which is only open to amateur photographers, the theme being “Urban Living”.

You do not have to have a fancy, expensive DSLR, just the skill needed to capture your vision on whatever you have to hand; a point-and-shoot, a camera phone, a still from a movie camera!

Mapping and Modelling Still Crucial

The fact is that while Business Process Management, Big Data, and Enterprise Content Management grab the headlines, mapping and Modelling is still the first crucial step in delivering the enterprise improvements that the headliners proclaim ...

Data Virtualisation for Agile Data Provisioning

In this paper we discuss how agile data access, integration and delivery can be provided through the use of data virtualisation technology, regardless of the type of data to be accessed or where it is stored or located ...

Best Practices in Cloud Security

  • January 31, 2012
  • News

Spending on cloud computing is growing faster than any other form of IT spending, with organisations of all sizes looking to reap the benefits of cost savings, flexibility, increased productivity and more. In particular, the use of software as a service (SaaS) is becoming mainstream. Where organisations are reluctant to embrace cloud services, the reason is often owing to concerns over security, especially since many SaaS offerings mean that an organisation’s data processing and storage, much of which is data sensitive to the organisation, is handed over to the service provider.

However, cloud computing models can actually provide a more robust and effective level of security than technology deployed and managed in-house. For example, mitigation against the latest threats can be pushed out to all users of the service simultaneously, removing the need for patches and updates to be deployed by IT administrators to all users of the service. This also provides the assurance that all devices connected to the service are up to date in terms of their security posture.

Beyond threat mitigation, cloud delivery is suitable for a wide range of security services, from basic needs, such as malware protection, to advanced security services such as vulnerability management, security monitoring, policy compliance, and application security and testing.

As well as accessing security services, organisations will also benefit from the service provider taking responsibility for many aspects of security as it must, itself, have developed a highly secure infrastructure in line with best practice and good governance objectives. These incorporate a wide range of security controls and can attest to the quality and security of its services through management reports and audit trails.

Fran Howarth has recently published a new report that examines how the use of cloud computing can actually improve security, as well as discussing the issues and challenges that remain, including liability, contracting and SLA terms and conditions, data centre infrastructure, auditing and certification, and the need for further standards development. Download the report: Best practices in cloud security.

“Journeys” a book of photography

  • January 31, 2012
  • News
In December 2011 we published a photography book on Blurb.com called “Journeys” and distributed to our customers as an original Christmas gift.

The precis of the book was simple: “Life is full of journeys; simple ones like a walk in the park, or more complex ones, like a path to achieve a goal.