New Bloor means business

  • September 11, 2006
  • News

The all-new Bloor website and rebranding is the clearest indication that Bloor has continued to invest in business developments in 2006, adding significant value and making us even more customer-centric. We've been busy building on our range and breadth of services and innovative solutions, enhancing our team with new people and new partnerships - all aimed at helping your organisation succeed.

The Bloor web-site provides details of the new products and services now available. Here is a quick snapshot of some of these:

  • The highly acclaimed Bloor Events have been boosted through our partnership with Chill Out for management of the Events - see our Events schedule to book your place at any of our upcoming events.
  • Among our new solutions is BloorAnswers, Bloor's umbrella name covering a range of new online research and knowledge transfer solutions, including:
    • MAFocus - software that provides primary vertical industry research, describing the sectors' key drivers, issues and trends and updated by our industry-focused analysts,
    • 118Software's search engine on competitive technology and suppliers - an on-line "Yellow Pages" for accessing technology and channel partner
    • DecisionSupport - which provides competitive product analysis and a low-cost, budget-sensitive service for accessing our publications library, allowing you flexibility in what you spend your budget on.
  • By joining forces with other leading independent analysis firms, Bloor now offers the entire breadth of services normally only available from the largest analyst firms - yet retains the specialisation and domain excellence of Bloor and our partner companies.
  • Bloor's À la Carte service to gain you more value from your research and analysis budget; instead of selecting specific Bloor products, you can allocate your available budget with total flexibility as to how you will use it and with whom you will spend it
  •, spun off by Bloor last year, is set to become among the most important independent information sources globally for IT decision makers, with contributions from industry experts from a range of analyst companies including Bloor.

Explore our new website to find out more about the new products and services now available from Bloor Research. To receive regular updates on Bloor people, services, products, reports and events, sign up for a free subscription to our new Bloor Bytes newsletter. Welcome to the refreshed and re-energised Bloor Research!

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Nigel Stanley joins Bloor Research

  • July 31, 2006
  • News

Bloor Research is pleased to announce that Nigel Stanley has recently joined the team to head up the Bloor security practice.

Nigel has worked in IT for many years both for vendors and end user clients so he has an excellent understanding of making IT work for real.

For a number of years Nigel was Technical Director of a leading UK Microsoft partner where he lead a team of consultants and engineers providing secure business IT solutions. From 1995 until 2003 Nigel was appointed as a Microsoft Regional Director, an advisory role to Microsoft Corporation in Redmond.

Nigel has previously worked for Microsoft as a systems engineer and product manager specialising in databases and developer technologies. He has written three books on IT related topics and continues to write for a number of publications and web sites. He also speaks at various industry events through out the year.

Nigel's first publication for Bloor Research will be published shortly and introduces the Assured Business, an approach to put IT security higher up the CEO's agenda.

Justin Speake, Chief Executive of Bloor Research said, "It is great to have Nigel on board as this will really push our security practice forward. We already have a security event planned for the autumn and Nigel will be working with vendors and clients to make that a terrific event"

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Enterprise-wide Search

  • June 10, 2006
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Organisations invest billions of dollars each year in application software and the databases it runs on. They also pour time and effort into developing business intelligence software that extracts information from the resulting data. Yet, while they do this, an even greater amount of valuable information goes largely untouched and unused. This is the unstructured, mainly textual, data that every organisation accumulates as letters, forms, legal documents, e-mails and Web pages.

Thanks to search engines on the Web, users are increasingly aware of the value to be gained from such data. Despite this, few enterprises have invested significantly to enable their employees to get the full benefit of this information. Without the right tools, it is increasingly difficult to find relevant information within this untapped resource as its volume grows.

Software makers now provide those tools. Their products can search unstructured data in its three main repositories – corporate servers, desktop computers and the Web.

The Enterprise-wide Search report looks at what types of data can be searched and the wide variety of methods employed to do so. It evaluates the relevant vendors and products, including their ability to search across the three zones.

The report assesses nearly 40 products in the context of organisations' different needs. These include using unstructured data for business intelligence, compliance with regulatory requirements or simply improving internal communications and business efficiency. Technical demands can involve searching rapidly changing data, imposing structure on specialised data or extracting information from multimedia sources.

Product and supplier comparisons are presented using easily understood Bullseye™ charts. These cover all aspects of the software and vendors’ abilities, including fitness for purpose, performance, support and ease of implementation.

This report provides a definitive guide to current technology and suppliers and how they can benefit your organization. If your organization has significant amounts of unstructured data, it should consult this report for guidance.

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New MA Process service will add value for BPMG IT members

  • June 10, 2006
  • News

The recently-formed Bloor Research and Business Process Management Group (BPMG) partnership has driven the launch of a new service from Bloor: ‘MarketAccess (MA) Support - Process.' This is designed to more effectively support the IT members of BPMG's community. One way this will be achieved is to focus on selecting the most appropriate technologies to transform their businesses, making them become process-excellence led. Through MASupport - Process, Bloor can engage more effectively with both vendors and end-users, with Bloor also providing a clear proposition for vendors. As a by-product, vendors will gain greater visibility by exposure in:,,,, the BPMG user conference and Bloor Process events.

MASupport - Process will add value for vendors by providing: 

  • direct buyer visibility and influence
  • material to support the sales and marketing process
  • information and collateral to speed product, marketing and sales decision-making leading to vendors supplying more appropriate sets of services and technologies.

They can in turn assist Bloor to educate and support end-users in transforming their businesses, through acquiring the technology to achieve their BPM aspirations. 

MASupport - Process sits within Bloor's MarketAccess Support solutions family. In effect it is an enhanced version of the existing BPMG Solutions Provider services whose members include Tibco, Software AG, and Metastorm.

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Process Reports

  • June 10, 2006
  • News
‘Process’ describes the way an organisation functions. Company operations are becoming ever more complex and increasing demands are placed on the computer-based applications that drive the business. The time when applications c... Continue Reading Process Reports